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Everdine: Healthy frozen ready meal review and discount code

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about how life will change when our baby arrives and we have a newborn and a toddler to care for.  I’m nervous about how much harder things will be and looking for any shortcuts I can take that could make life a little bit easier.  When we were offered some Everdine ready meals to try I was excited to see what they were like.  I liked the idea that they were healthy, balanced meals that would be ready in minutes, which sounded ideal for when baby comes and we are sleep deprived and exhausted.

The meals

When we looked on the website there was a good variety of healthy meals to choose from.  Everdine promise that all meals are cooked by hand with no artificial preservatives and using only meat and fish from sustainable sources.  Freezing the meals locks the nutrients and goodness in each meal and the packaging is all recyclable.  This, along with the fact that they were delivered to our door, made them something we were keen to try.

The meals we tried were:

  • Sea bream thai green curry
  • Lemon and black pepper chicken
  • Cherry and hoisin duck with wilted greens
  • BBQ pulled pork with boston beans

Our favourites were the lemon and black pepper chicken and the cherry and hoisin duck.

lemon and black pepper chicken
Cherry & hoisin duck

Our verdict

The meals were healthy and very easy to prepare.  They took less than 10 minutes in the microwave and it was nice to have a balanced meal ready with no thought or effort required.

It was nice to enjoy something a bit different.  The meals weren’t something we would usually cook for ourselves so it was nice to try something new.

The portion sizes were generous so two meals would comfortably serve two adults and a toddler without the need to bulk them out further or prepare something different for Harry.

If I’m being honest, I still prefer a home cooked meal to a ready meal like this, that’s just me and as someone who likes to batch cook my own ready meals this isn’t something we would order regularly.  I also think they are expensive so would be more of a treat than an every day thing.

One small criticism I had was that you have to register for a regular order, there is no option to just get them as a one off .  This was a shame as I think most people would prefer some flexibility rather than committing to a regular order.  You can easily change the dates of your orders on a mobile device and cancel one off weeks however you can’t cancel all future orders n their mobile site, only from a computer or laptop.  This was frustrating as, with baby brain, I could’ve so easily forgotten to cancel my membership and ended up with an unexpected payment going out of my account.

Try it for yourself

If you want to try Everdine meals for yourself use the link below to get £25 off your order!


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