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Cheap and tasty meals: Slimming World friendly meal plan for the whole family

It’s that time of the year when pay day feels like an eternity away and we’re all feeling the pinch after Christmas.  This week my goal is to prepare cheap and tasty meals whilst staying on plan at Slimming World.  I had a bad weekend where I may have been led astray by a bottle of wine and eaten a pizza.  I find it definitely helps me to be good when I have a meal plan in place and all the food in the house to prepare each meal.  It also saves money too which is a definite win win!  Another thing I find that helps me stay on plan is keeping a food diary.  There’s something about writing down and coming face to face with everything you’ve eaten that makes you think twice about which foods you eat!

I’ve often heard people say that they can’t afford to eat healthily but I’m hoping to prove that healthy food doesn’t have to cost the world.  For my best top tips on cooking healthy food on a budget check out the link below:

Money Saving Tips and Meal Plan

This week I’ve started planning in my new Plum Planner and already I feel so much more organised.  I love that all our meals for the month are on one page so I can log my weight loss after each week’s meals and see what worked best for me.  I’m also going to mark on which meals Harry enjoyed the most so I can cook them again.

I’ve also started planning out my chores for the week so it’s less overwhelming and baby brain doesn’t stop me getting things done, but that’s a whole other blog post!

so on to what we’re eating this week…

Meal Plan

Monday: Spaghetti Bolognese.  We cooked this three weeks ago and still have some left in the freezer so it will make a really quick and healthy ready meal for after weigh in.

Tuesday: Ginger and prawn fried rice.  I’ve bought frozen prawns and veggies which should help reduce waste and save us money.

Wednesday:  Kofta kebabs and spiced potatoes.  I’ve been eating a lot of potatoes recently!  They’re so cheap and versatile.. and syn free!

Thursday: Turkey burgers and veggie couscous.  We always make our own flavoured couscous which is a double win as it ends up being much cheaper and also healthier!  Supermarket sachets tend to have syns in but flavour with your own stock and herbs and it’s syn free!

Friday:  Bean and rice burritos.  I’ve never made these before but I’m so excited to try them!  Eating meat free once a week is a great way to vary your diet and keep costs down!

Saturday: BBQ pulled pork and salad.  I love pulled pork but have always used a sachet to make it.  I’m intregued to see how the Slimming World recipe compares taste wise!

Sunday: Beef stew and dumplings.  This sort of meal usually makes lots of portions so there will likely be some left for Monday’s meal too!

Fingers crossed for a good week ahead!  If you would like any of the recipes for the meals listed above please let me know and I’ll try to get a recipe post up for you too!



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  1. I’d love to see the burritos recipe! Also here’s my go-to super delcious, simple and healthy vegetarian bolognese recipe if you want to try: 2 large onions chopped and fried, 1 clove garlic crushed or chopped, then add a tin of chopped tomatoes, half a tube tomato puree, mug of dried red lentils (rinsed), mug or tin full of cold water, heaped teaspoon dried herbs, level teaspoon salt, optional bayleaf and black pepper to taste. Ideally leave 7 hours in slow cooker but can also simmer 30-60mins on hob stirring regularly to stop the lentils sticking. So delicious, full of iron and kids love it (even my super fussy 2 year old!). Only downside is it doesn’t freeze well so not one for batch cooking, but recipe above will serve 4 adults plus 2 toddlers and keeps in fridge for a few days no problem x

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