Avocado and tomato pasta sauce

This creamy pasta sauce is delicious and healthy. It can be made in under 5 minutes with no effort at all. Perfect for busy parents and hungry children!

Courgette pizza bites

After preparing our pizza topped chicken in the slow cooker for tea tonight (recipe coming soon) I had half a courgette and some cheese left over. I hate waste so decided to make some courgette pizza bites for Harry’s lunch. He really enjoyed them and I hope your little ones do too!

A little taste of normality – Everyday meals

On our Facebook group we all share our success stories and meals that look impressive. It’s not very often we share the boring, quick and easy meals that we prepare, whilst throwing bits of food at our children to stop them screaming. So here are my standard, frazzled, no effort tea pictures. Facebook is full of the moments we want everyone to see. It’s time to share some of those meals/moments that are completely ordinary and unimpressive!

Porridge Cups

Thank you Vikki from our Facebook group for this fantastic idea! Harry loves these and they are so quick and easy to make!

Broccoli fritters

This recipe was created when I needed a quick, easy lunch for my son and we didn’t have much in the cupboards. It was the day before we were going food shopping and I had a few bits left to use up. These healthy fritters went down really well with Harry and freeze well too! Win win!

Quick and easy lunch ideas

Sandwiches, Harry’s favourite fillings are: tuna and sweetcorn or cheese (I tend to grate and add grated cucumber, tomato, carrot and gherkins to make our own cheese savoury. He loves it!)

Pizza Pinwheels

These quick, versatile pinwheels are delicious! They are one of the most popular ‘go to meals’ on our Facebook group and can be made with almost any filling you choose. They freeze well too. What’s not to like!