Slimming World Meal Plan

Want to know how much weight I lost this week and what we’re eating next week? Check out this week’s meal plan!

Meal Plan: Hello December!

A simple meal plan this week, as always, I’ve linked the recipes that are on our website already for you if you want them!

Meal Plan

I’ve gone back to basics with this week’s meal plan. I planned it in my bullet journal, which I hadn’t done for a few weeks and really enjoyed sitting down with a cup of tea to and putting pen to paper. I have linked any recipes that have already been published on our website in the post and will be adding more throughout the week.

Money Saving Tips and Meal Plan

Nothing could have prepared us for the challenge of becoming parents. Financially, things are tight. I have chosen to go back to work part time so I can spend as much time with Harry as possible but the drop in income and extra little mouth to feed has meant we have had to really reevaluate how we spend our money.
Here are our top money saving tips for cooking healthy food for the family and our money saving meals for next week!

Halloween meal plan and a few snaps from our weekend!

This week has been crazy!  We have been living without a kitchen during the week and our new kitchen is finally going in as I type!  It has meant our house in chaos, lots of quick microwave and slow cooker meals and spending as much time out of the house as possible!

Meal plan – Cooking without a kitchen

Gosh, what a day! Harry has been poorly this week and it all came to a head today when the out of hours doctor admitted Harry to hospital with a bad chest, low oxygen levels and possible dehydration. He has hardly eaten or drunk for the past few days, he’s had a terrible cough, high temperature, crackly chest and has just been very lethargic and not his usual cheeky self.  At times he has wheezed and his breathing has been laboured. It’s so hard as a parent to see your child crying in pain and not knowing how to help them.

Jen’s meal plan and simple slow cooker recipe tutorials

Jennifer is one of our lovely Friendly First Foods guest bloggers and is admin on our Facebook group. She cooks healthy, nutritious meals for her family and the children she looks after in her childminding job. Check out her meal plan and slow cooker recipes tutorials here!

Another week, another meal plan!

Meal planning is a new habit that is here to stay for us. I love it! It is saving us a fortune and making us eat more healthily. Check out our plan for this week here!

Meal plan

For anyone who is interested, here is our meal plan for next week. Recipes for the meals will be posted throughout the week!