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Meal plan

Our store cupboard essentials and this week’s meal plan

It’s been a while since I last meal planned.  Thinking about food when you are suffering with Hyperemesis Gravidarum is not the most fun thing but I think our family has really suffered from us not having a plan in place, both nutritionally and financially.  Along with this week’s meal plan I’m going to share a list of things that we like to have in our cupboards all the time, our store cupboard essentials that help us make something out of nothing when we get to the end of the month and money is tight.  Having a few basic ingredients in the cupboards means that we can create something tasty for our family on those days where we haven’t planned ahead. Continue reading “Our store cupboard essentials and this week’s meal plan”

Meal plan: Back to normality… I hope

We’ve had a lovely morning in the garden and at the park. Harry has just gone down for his nap and  I’m having a fluffy day today so I wanted to grab the bull by the horns and do a meal plan for next week. The sickness has been gradually improving over the last week and I’m hopeful that this could be the start of the end.  I feel like I’ve been missing out on so much recently and I’m desperate to get back to normality, meal planning seemed like a good place to start and a good way to face the idea of food head on.

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Meal Planning during pregnancy sickness: This week’s meal plan

I feel like I should point out that this meal plan is a loose idea of what I will attempt to cook for Harry and Alistair next week.  Whether or not these are the things I actually end up cooking I don’t know, it all depends on how I feel and what I am capable of.  I also need to be very wary that what may be a safe food for me one week might make me sick on the spot just by preparing it, let alone eating it so there is a large amount of flexibility in these plans.  My meal plan for the week will mostly consist of Kelloggs Frosties, salt and vinegar crisps and ice lollies, the foods I can eat, but as a mother I know that I can’t inflict my crazy diet on my family.

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When Daddy was put in charge of the meal plan…

I’m not well.  The sort of not well where all I want to do is sit in bed, feel sorry for myself and pray that I won’t be sick again.  For the first time in a long time I admitted defeat and accepted that I couldn’t do it all.  I decided it was Daddy’s turn to meal plan.  I passed the meal planning reins over to Alistair and told him next week’s meal plan is entirely up to him.

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Meal plan – Switching the balance between meat and veg

This week I have decided to do something a bit different.  Usually we eat meat most days, with maybe one or two days a week where we eat vegetarian meals.  Next week, we are cutting down on the amount of meat that we are eating, we will still eat meat but just not as much as we usually would.  I’ve decided to do this for a few reasons, firstly, to save money.  It’s December, Christmas is expensive and we are broke so cutting down on one of the most expensive ingredients in our diet will save us precious pennies!  Secondly, I’ve been finding myself enjoying meat free meals more and more, the more time I spend in the kitchen cooking for Harry, the more I realise there are so many sources we can get our protein from without needing meat every day.

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Bonfire fun, parties and next week’s meal plan!

Bonfire night has always been one of my favourite nights of the year.  I love wrapping up warm to go outside in the cold and watch the beautiful colours in the sky with the people I love.  Bonfire nights used to be about spending time with friends, having a few drinks and lots of laughs at a local bonfire.  Times have changed and the years of drinking in a field are long gone but we were lucky to be invited round to a friend’s house to watch the fireworks with them last night.  I was worried how Harry would react to the fireworks but it turns out he takes after his mummy.  He loved them!! He was clapping and pointing excitedly as each firework went off.  He had such a wonderful time and enjoyed playing with the other children, chasing the tortoises and being spoiled rotten by all of the adults.  We got home at about 8pm, which is late for Harry and I was worried how he would sleep after all of the excitement but luckily he slept until 7am this morning! A definite win!

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The meal plan before payday – The one where we are broke and spend no money!

This week we are broke – literally broke!  We have ordered our new kitchen units, dishwasher and fridge freezer which is so exciting but it means that the week before pay day we are spent up.  We have plenty of food in the cupboards and freezer so I am using that to feed our family this week (it will also help to have our cupboards as empty as possible before we rip them out next weekend) Continue reading “The meal plan before payday – The one where we are broke and spend no money!”