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Weaning on a plant based diet – Tori Pearson

image6With my first daughter, we embraced every aspect of baby led weaning, I didn’t find the experience intimidating or overwhelming, and loved being creative in the kitchen so that my little lady Frankie could have an exciting, delicious, sensory experience with every meal time. Frankie was a big girl, very independent and just always seemed a little older than she really was. She typically sat at the 91st percentile for her height and weight and just felt ‘solid’. Nothing was off the cards with Frankie, her tolerance for spicy food is still very impressive!
My littlest Noa, however felt so much smaller and just didn’t seems ‘big’ enough to do baby led weaning. (She didn’t sit up until after 7 months). We did eventually start baby led weaning but not until Noa was almost 8 months. We have done a real mix of both purée and BLW with Noa, she just isn’t the same child as Frankie and I definitely feel less confident at times giving her certain foods. I think it’s so important to remember that every child is different and as a mom/mum you should always follow your gut instinct.
image9When we moved to Texas Frankie was just 2. I remember giving her a quick snack called Teddy Graham’s, and within 40 minutes she was hyper. She was obviously very sensitive to the different ingredients in the food in the USA.

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Why you should never take your other half shopping with you! – Meal plan and shopping haul

I love going shopping the three of us, Harry loves having Mummy and Daddy there and it means one of us can look after him if he’s fussing whilst the other carries on with the shopping.  Alistair does tend to pick things up and put them in the trolly that weren’t on the list though!  I think we spent an extra £5-10 on extra little things that Alistair decided we needed.  I have to say, I wasn’t complaining last night though when we had ice creams in the freezer.  They were delicious!

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Cupboard cuisine challengeThis week I have set our family a challenge, to only eat what is in the freezer, fridge and cupboards until most of it has gone!  My aim is to save money and reduce waste.  So often I find myself looking in a cupboard full of food and thinking, “There’s nothing to eat.”  Well it’s about time I told myself that there is plenty to eat!  I am going to stop buying food to feed the cupboard and start buying it to feed my family.

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