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Our new kitchen update and vlog tour – DIY Kitchens

When we moved into our house the first thing we said that we wanted to change was our kitchen.  It was very dated and although functional it didn’t look the way we wanted it to and the layout wasn’t working as well as we wanted it to.  Once we found out that I was pregnant with Harry all dreams of a new kitchen were put aside for a while as our money went on decorating his bedroom and buying all of the baby essentials that he would need.

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Bonfire fun, parties and next week’s meal plan!

Bonfire night has always been one of my favourite nights of the year.  I love wrapping up warm to go outside in the cold and watch the beautiful colours in the sky with the people I love.  Bonfire nights used to be about spending time with friends, having a few drinks and lots of laughs at a local bonfire.  Times have changed and the years of drinking in a field are long gone but we were lucky to be invited round to a friend’s house to watch the fireworks with them last night.  I was worried how Harry would react to the fireworks but it turns out he takes after his mummy.  He loved them!! He was clapping and pointing excitedly as each firework went off.  He had such a wonderful time and enjoyed playing with the other children, chasing the tortoises and being spoiled rotten by all of the adults.  We got home at about 8pm, which is late for Harry and I was worried how he would sleep after all of the excitement but luckily he slept until 7am this morning! A definite win!

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