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We’re Brit Mums BiBs Finalists!

Eeeeeeek! I can’t even believe I’m typing this, not only were we nominated but we are FINALISTS in the BiB awards by Brit Mums!


It’s not very often that I’m speechless but this has left me completely overwhelmed and lost for words.  When I started my blog it was a hobby, something to work alongside my Facebook group and support other ordinary parents like myself through their weaning journey.  I’m no expert when it comes to food, ask my husband and he will tell you that before I had Harry I hardly cooked at all but since he started weaning all of that changed. I love being in the kitchen now, dreaming up new crazy recipes that I can feed my willing little food critic with minimal expense or effort.  I started Friendly First Foods to be a safe place where parents could support each other without fear of judgement or ‘getting it wrong’.  We were all muddling through together and there was something really reassuring about knowing that we weren’t in it alone.

Fast forward to now and I’m honestly not sure what happened!  My little hobby has grown into something that I never thought it would.  I receive emails from parents who say my blog has helped them and it makes me so proud.  All I did was put my weaning journey and recipe ideas on the internet, imperfections and all.  I’ve always been one for oversharing but this time maybe it turned out to be a good thing.  I’m now well and truly hooked on this blogging lark and enjoying finding my feet in this amazing community of talented people I’ve found myself in.

I can’t begin to explain how flattered I am to be named as a Brit mums BiBs finalist alongside bloggers who I have admired for so long and are so talented at what they do.  I’ll be honest I triple checked my email when I got it as I was sure they must’ve sent it to the wrong person! There’s no way my little blog could be listed as a finalist!  But somehow, probably thanks to all you lovely foodies out there who’ve supported me from the start, I’m on the list, a finalist! And whilst I know I have no chance of winning I feel like I’ve already won just for being nominated.


Harry’s happy dance!

If anyone has a spare minute and would like to make my day… who am I kidding, year!  I’d be so grateful if you would follow the link below and vote for Friendly First Foods in the Food category.  It would mean the world to me if you did.

Vote here

For now, can I just say the biggest thank you to everyone who follows my blog, replies to my ramblings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and who has supported my crazy need to put everything my child eats on the internet!

Love and Harry cuddles to you all.



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