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Bouncing back after a bad week: This week’s meal plan

So, last week started well.  I was all revved up for a good week.  I was spurred on by getting Slimmer of the week and even sacrificed my usual Marks and Spencer’s Valentine’s meal deal for Slimming World steak and chips.  I made 1 syn curly wurly brownies and was feeling motivated.

And then it all went wrong.

I’m not sure why.  I’m not sure what changed.  Whether it was the sleepless nights or the fact that it was the week before payday and resources were scarce or the fact that I let Alistair go off meal plan and cook but I went completely off plan.  From white bread to prosecco I had it all.  And the naughtier I was the more I thought, “I’ve ruined it now, I may as well have that extra slice of cake.”

Seriously… what was I thinking!!!

It got to this morning, weigh in day, and I suddenly had a wave of dread and the ‘what have I done’ feeling came creeping in.

The week hasn’t all been bad and I guess that is what saved me at weigh in.  We went to the park for a long walk with Megan in the sling, didn’t stuff my face with pancakes and cooked wisely for Valentine’s day but I think that’s what makes it all the more frustrating.  I succeeded at the big hurdles and fell at the little ones.

At weigh in I maintained, which if I’m honest was lucky and undeserved.  This week I AM going to have a good week.

I find a meal plan is the key to a good week for me.  It means I have tasty meals to look forward to and the right food in the house to cook them and that makes it so much easier not to stray from plan.

I’m also going to do a big shop tomorrow and make sure I have lots of healthy snack and lunch options too.

Meal Plan

Here’s what we will be eating for our evening meals this week:

Monday Slow cooker veggie curry (I tried to make this a few weeks ago and it went really wrong so I’m trying again!)

Tuesday Chilli with rice, salad and homemade chips

Wednesday Chicken stir fry (My mum swears by this meal!)

Thursday Paprika pork

Friday Beef Burger and chips

Saturday Zingy chicken tray bake

Sunday Shepherds pie

Finger’s crossed for a good week this week!

What are your favourite Slimming World meals?  I’d love you to share!  I’m always after new inspiration!

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