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What’s in baby’s hospital bag?

I’ve now officially reached ‘full term’ and, although I’m sure it will be a few weeks yet, baby could come any day!  Eek!  I’m planning a home birth but want to be prepared for every eventuality and if we end up needing to go to the hospital I want to be ready to avoid any extra stress or worry.  Also, I think it will make life easier for Alistair if everything is in one bag ready to just bring downstairs when the time comes rather than having to look around the house for things.   I have packed three bags for when I go into labour.  One for me, one for baby and an overnight bag for Harry (we may not need this one but I figured it was worth having ready just in case).  I’ve had quite a few people asking me what I’ve packed in my hospital bags so I thought I’d do a quick post to share with you all everything I’ve packed.  I was going to do this all in one post but it’s ended up quite long with just baby’s things so I’ll do a separate post for each bag.  I thought I’d start with baby’s hospital bag as it’s the most exciting!

Baby’s hospital bag

For baby’s hospital I have used the changing bag that I used when Harry was a baby.  It’s a Pink Lining changing bag and it’s really handy, it’s a nice size and has lots of handy pockets to fit things in and keep them organised.  It also comes with a changing mat and a zip wet bag which is really handy when you’re out and about.

Inside baby’s hospital bag I’ve tried to pack light as I’m planning on being at home and having spare things we will need to hand. Even if we do end up going to the hospital it is only a 5 minute walk from our house so we can easily get more things as and when we need them.

What’s in the bag?

  • Nappies:
    I’ve packed about ten nappies but have another 2 full packs ready and waiting if we need them.  Newborn babies poo a lot so I’m expecting to get through a lot of these!  I’ve opted for size 2 nappies which I think fits approximately 6-13lbs.  Harry was 7lbs 14oz so I’m assuming she will be similar. (But obviously this could be completely wrong!)  I’ve got some Pampers nappies but will be mostly using Aldi Mamia nappies as I’ve always found them really good with Harry.
  • Water wipes:
    New born babies skin is so delicate and it’s advised you use water and cotton wool instead of baby wipes to start with.  Cotton wool is messy and honestly, its a complete faff so I’m planning on using these water wipes to try and make life a little bit easier.  They have no chemicals or fragrance in so are really gentle on baby’s skin.
  • Nappy sacks:
    Newborn nappies can be explosive!  These are essential in my opinion!
  • 2x sleepsuits: 
    I may put another one in but for now I feel like 2 is enough for an ‘in case of emergency kind of situation. The two I’ve put in are from Next and are in ‘newborn’ size.
  • 4x vests:
    Again, I may put an extra vest in.  These are also in ‘newborn’ size.  I’ve put short sleaved vests in as it will be September and hopefully still quite warm.  With a sleepsuit, cardigan and blanket over the top I’m sure baby will be warm enough.
  • 1 swaddle muslin:
    Harry hated being swaddled so I don’t really have much experience of it but I’m going to try again this time if it’s something baby likes.  If not these are a great size for using as a normal muslin.
  • 1 burp cloth:
    I never saw these when I had Harry but they look fab!  My mum got them for me and they are the perfect size and shape to go comfortably over your shoulder when burping a baby!  I think these are from Marks and Spencers but I assume there are lots of places that sell them.
  • 1 hat:
    This hat was a gift from a friend of mine at my baby shower.  She makes beautiful crochet pieces and is so talented!  This hat is so beautiful and snuggly, it will be perfect for when we first take baby out, either when leaving the hospital or on a first walk in the pram or baby carrier!  You can find Jen’s gorgeous crochet on Instagram or Facebook.
  • 1 blanket
    Again, this was a gift from Jen who made the hat.  It’s so pretty and the perfect size to use when baby is in the car seat or Moses basket so is with my hospital bag just in case.  I’ve also got another blanket from John Lewis that is the same as one Harry had which I may take but for now I think I’ll just take this one.
  • Baby nails kit:
    When Harry was a newborn he had really long scratchy nails and we found cutting them really stressful.  We ended up nipping Harry’s skin with the clippers and, although he didn’t cry, as new parents we felt awful!  I’m hoping these will be a gentler, easier way to shorten baby’s nails when she is born.  I’ll let you know how we get on with them!
  • MAM dummies:
    Ok, so this is a silly one and I’m pretty sure I wont be using these so early on, if at all.  With Harry though I put so much pressure on myself to not be ‘lazy’ and rely on a dummy.  It was stupid, I should never have listened to the ‘dummy police’ as when we finally gave in and gave him one it really did offer him comfort and me some relief from being used as a dummy!  I’m putting these in to give myself permission to trust my instincts and give them if I feel they will help, rather than because I plan on using them straight away if that makes sense?
  • Cuddly toy:
    This is quite a vain one  really but this was a gift from one of my friends at my baby shower and it’s so cute, I think it will look lovely on pictures of baby girl when she arrives and will also hopefully give Harry something to do for baby by showing it to her and telling her what it is etc.  It’s a little Jellycat rabbit and is so soft.  I just love it!

So that’s everything that’s in baby’s hospital bag.  I’ll try and get a post up with my bag tomorrow.

What were your baby’s hospital essentials?  Is there anything you think I’ve missed that would be really useful to pack?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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