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My Top Tips For Breastfeeding!

I am so excited to say that I have now been breastfeeding Megan for almost a whole year.  It feels like such an achievement, especially as we’re showing no signs of stopping any time soon.  I’ve been really lucky this time around, Megan was born rooting and fed like a dream.  It hasn’t always been easy though, at times it’s been tough, but I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way that I want to share with you.

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Love Amber X Jewellery Review

Megan is 8 months old and has been teething on and off for about 5 months  now with nothing to show for it.   I’ve talked about it a lot on my social media and lots of people have recommended amber jewellery to me as a natural remedy.  I’ll be honest I’m always sceptical of things like that but  decided to try   Love Amber X   as I was recommended by so many people. I was intrigued and jumped at the chance.  I was happy that it was a UK based, family run company. Love Amber X  provided enough information on their website so I could make an informed decision to use it prior to placing my order.. Continue reading “Love Amber X Jewellery Review”

Reasons why I haven’t been to weigh in this week… or for the past 4 weeks

I was so psyched up to get back into Slimming World and go to weigh in tonight.  Then I realised.  It’s been 4 weeks since my last weigh in.  2 I booked as holidays but 2 I was ill and didn’t text so will be charged for.  I’ve been off plan for the whole month I’ve not been to group and thought I’d share with you my very valid reasons why.

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Orange oaty biscuits

I’ll be honest, there’s not an awful lot of interests that Harry and I share.  Don’t get me wrong, I love learning all about snails, dinosaurs and mud with him and I’ve found enjoyment in activities I never thought I would but it’s not what comes naturally to me.  Recently we’ve started spending Megan’s nap times baking or cooking together and it’s become one of my favourite parts of the day.  We make something most days, whether it’s baking cakes or just making scrambled egg on toast, and through cooking together have found a wonderful shared interest and a new way to bond.

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Geronimo 2018: Camping with 2 children under 3 years old!

When I was asked if we’d like tickets to camp at Geronimo in exchange for an honest review of our experience I said excitedly said yes immediately!  As the weeks went by the realisation of what I’d agreed to started to set in though.  I’d agreed to camp.  That meant sleeping in a tent.  With a 3 year old (almost).  And an 8 month old baby.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

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Spiced raisin porridge bread

This spiced raisin porridge bread recipe came from another one of Harry and my baking mornings.  We found a recipe for porridge bread in the My Fussy Eater cookbook and decided to give it a go.  We’ve made a few recipes from this book now and they are all really easy and tasty.  I’ll insert a video of Harry making another recipe from it at the bottom of this page.  Literally recipes so easy to follow that a toddler can do it!

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Cheesy Bean Wraps

Baked beans are a great food for filling up little tummies with healthy goodness.  They’re packed full of protein and are considered one of your 5 a day.  When you’re baby led weaning though they can be tricky for little one to pick up and get into their mouth.   They slide off toast and through fingers far too easily.  The cheesy bean wrap is a great alternative to beans on toast and is so much easier for baby to pick up and feed themselves!

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Cowboy Hotpot

This hearty cowboy hotpot is great for those cold days when you want something warm and filling to eat.  It’s perfect for the whole family and really easy to make. It’s packed full of healthy goodness with lots of veggies, I like to cut them big so that my 7 month old can pick them up easily and my fussy husband can pick the onions out of his.  You can cut them smaller if you prefer though.

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