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AD| Family adventures with Organix Gruffalo Biscuits

As a family, our favourite thing to do is go out for walks and spend time in local parks.  When Organix asked me to try their new Gruffalo biscuits and see what wonder they could spark in my children’s imaginations of course I said yes!

We’ve loved Organix products since Harry was weaning and they’re a brand that we regularly buy ourselves from the supermarket.

Harry and Megan love the Gruffalo and were really excited when I said we were going to go on a Gruffalo hunt.  We headed to the park and retold the story as we looked for the Gruffalo.  As usual, after about an hour, the kids started saying they were hungry and wanted a snack.  They were thrilled when I pulled these Organix Gruffalo biscuits out of my bag, along with a Gruffalo!  Megan was so excited and kept reaching into the bag saying, “Gruffalo, where are you?!”  Then getting really excited when she pulled one out.  She loved the little mouse character too.

Harry on the other hand enjoyed doing his best Gruffalo impressions, which got us a few funny looks from passers by!

The biscuits were demolished in minutes, the children really enjoyed the cute character shapes and said they tasted delicious.  I really like that, because they’re from Organix, they have their ‘no junk promise’ which means no hidden nasties, organic ingredients and nothing unnecessary added.  They’re a really convenient, healthier option to throw in my bag and take out and about with us which is always handy too.

After their snack we carried on with our Gruffalo hunt.  Megan seemed so much more excited after seeing the characters on her snack and froze when she heard any noises, saying, “Oh no! It’s a Gruffalo!”

The biscuits were a big hit with both Harry and Megan and I will definitely be buying more with my weekly shop to take on our next adventure with us!  You can find Organix Gruffalo Biscuits along with the rest of their range in Sainsburys and Ocado.

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This post was written in paid partnership with Organix.  All opinions shared are my own and I never share a product with you that I don’t genuinely like and would buy myself.



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