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5 Funny things my child does

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Jen at Just Average Jen to share with you all 5 funny things that my child does.  I really liked the idea of this post because a lot of what I’ve posted recently has been about pregnancy and baby so it’s about time Harry got a post all about him!

I’ll be honest, choosing just 5 funny things was a challenge because, as you all know, Harry is absolutely bonkers!  I’ve managed to narrow it down to just 5 to share with you here though.

1. He’s obsessed with water and puddles!

I have never known a child so obsessed with puddles before!  I’m sure Peppa Pig has a lot to blame for this one.  It can be a completely dry day, not have rained for a week and Harry will still find water somewhere to make a puddle to jump in.  When he was at nursery he used to go through at least 5 changes of clothes a day because he would find a way to get himself soaked!

2. He loves animals, especially dogs

From day one Harry has loved dogs!  He shouts hello at them when we go out for walks and gets really excited when he sees them in the park.  He even pretends to be one, trying to drink out of puddles, carrying sticks in his mouth and barking at the gate in the back garden! He loves my parent’s dog and she is literally his best friend.  We’re trying to teach him at the moment that he needs to ask their owners before approaching a dog as he just assumes they are all as friendly as the ones he knows.

3. He hates wearing trousers

He takes his trousers off at every opportunity he gets!  Before he will even go upstairs for his nap he asks for his socks and trousers to be taken off.  Getting him dressed is becoming more of a challenge as he’s started expressing his preference for being trouser free more forcefully recently!

4. He loves ‘reading’ stories

Harry loves books and can name most of the titles we have.  He remembers the stories and retells them while pointing out everything he can see in the pictures.  He puts on voices for different characters which makes me laugh hysterically as it’s like hearing back the way I read to him.  His favourite books at the moment are ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and ‘Supermarket Zoo’.


5. He eats like he thinks he’s a judge on Masterchef

This is a trait he gets from his dad’s side of the family!  He likes to think he is a food connoisseur.  He will name the foods on his plate before sampling each of them and giving his verdict of either, “Mmm delicious!” or “Yuk!”  He requests things as I’m getting his dinner ready, as if to tell me which flavours he thinks compliment each other and is OBSESSED with trying to get ice cream from the freezer then saying, “Please mummy, just a little bit?” When he gets caught.


It was so hard to just choose 5 funny things about Harry that make me laugh as there are so many!  I’d love to tell you all about how he acts out whole episodes of his favourite cartoons or how he has the most beautiful manners that just make me melt but I’ll save those for another post.

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