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38 Weeks Pregnant: Getting ready for a home birth

This week I’ve been really focused on getting organised for my home birth.  I had a scan a few weeks ago and baby is head down so we are all set to welcome her into our family at home!

We’ve finished all of the bigger decorating jobs that I crazily decided needed doing in the last 6 weeks and the house is finally starting to look straight again.  The biggest job that we’ve finished (apart from finishing touches) is our kitchen.  My parents have helped so much with this: They’re absolute legends!

I’m feeling positive about everything and am now in a place where if baby arrived tomorrow I think we are ready enough.  I’ve got everything I need for the birth and have written a ‘to do’ list for Alistair so he feels calm and prepared whilst setting everything up for me.

Here’s the things I’ve got ready for the birth so far.  Let me know if you think there’s anything I’ve forgotten!

Birthing Pool

I’ve hired a small pool from Manchester Community Birth Pool Hire Scheme  and am so grateful to them! They provide the pool, a pump to inflate and deflate it and a pump to empty the water out of the pool after.  I’ve bought a liner, which you need to use when hiring a pool and everything else that I need to fill the pool.  This includes:
A hosepipe
An adaptor to attach the hose to the kitchen tap
A sieve… Don’t need to go into details with this one.. isn’t birth glamorous!

Home birth kit

I’ve no idea what’s in here but my midwife dropped this off ready for the midwives who come when I give birth.

Lots of towels

I haven’t bought new towels for the birth as they are likely to get ruined.  Instead I’ve had a sort out and put all of our old towels to one side ready to use when the time comes.  I’ve got lots of dark coloured ones for me and some softer ones for baby.

Shower curtains

I plan on using one of these on the floor under the pool to protect the floor and another one under an old fitted sheet on the bed for upstairs in case we move up there if I need stitches.

An extension cable

The midwives mentioned that they will need access to a power supply so I figured this would make it easier than asking them to crawl under the desk to get to the plug socket!

Hospital bags

Everything that I would usually pack to give birth at the hospital is packed the same ready.  This way it’s all in one place and easy to find when the time comes and if we end up needing to go to the hospital it’s easy to pick them up and go.
You can see what’s in my hospital bag here and baby’s hospital bag here.

A well stocked fridge, tea and coffee etc.

I’m going to do a big shop on Thursday and am going to make sure we have plenty of milk, tea, coffee, cold drinks, snacks etc. in for Alistair and I and the midwives.

Green notes and useful phone numbers

I have all the numbers we could need in my phone ready!  The midwife, triage, my mum ready to come and look after Harry.. they’re all in there!

Birthing ball

A really lovely friend lent me this and it’s been helping with my PGP. I’m hoping to use it in early labour.

Hand  wash and cleaning products

I’ve been obsessed recently with keeping things clean and tidy.  I’m paranoid that I’ll go into labour and the house will be a mess.  I’m sure the midwives won’t be judging my house when they come but it will make life a lot easier if the house is as clean and tidy as possible.  I want to make sure that everything will be as clean and safe for baby as possible when the time comes.

Thank you cards and chocolates

We got a card and chocolates for the midwife who looked after us at the hospital last time so I want to have something ready to do the same this time.

What’s being 38 weeks pregnant like?

How far along? 38 weeks 1 day

How big is baby? Baby is approximately the same size as a pumpkin.

Weight gain/loss: Same as last week, no gain so 3lbs above my pre pregnancy weight.  My sickness has been worse this week and my appetite less so I’m quite happy about not losing anything.

Maternity clothes?  I have about 4 tops and 3 pairs of leggings that fit me!

Stretch marks? Yep, all on the lower half of my belly below my belly button.

Sleep: Pregnancy insomnia has well and truly hit.

Best moment this week: Enjoying extra family time over the bank holiday and helping to make wedding invites for my sisters wedding yesterday.

Movement: She’s She’s still very wriggly!

Food cravings: I’m still craving milk and fruit.

Sickness: I had a bad day on Saturday when the exorcist style vomiting came back but it’s eased off again since so hopefully it was just a one off bad day.  I’m still on medication and coping well at the moment, only being sick small amounts which compared to how bad I was I don’t even count as being sick any more!

Belly Button in or out? It’s been flat for quite a while now.

Wedding rings on or off? Off. My feet are really swollen so it feels safer to take it off before my hands follow suit.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Fed up!  I’m so ready for this baby to be here now!

Other Random Symptoms: I’ve been getting lots of period pain style cramps over the past week or so.  I’ve also had a few ‘shows’ so hopefully it won’t be too long before I get to meet baby girl!

Bump picture

Kisses for his baby sister

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