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34 Weeks Pregnant

I’m finally feeling like I’m getting near the finish line and at 34 weeks am thinking more and more about getting ready for baby to arrive.  I’m going to pack my hospital bags this week and I’ll share with you what’s in them in my next few posts.  Although I’m planning a home birth I think that packing bags is still a good idea as it will make it easier for Alistair to find the things we will need and help to keep everything calm and organised.  Also, if things don’t go to plan it will make it much easier if we need to go to the hospital as we can just pick up the bags and go!

What’s pregnancy like this week?

How far along? 34 weeks 2 days

How big is baby? Baby is approximately the same size as a savoy cabbage and measuring in at around 45cm long.  She weighs approximately 4.5lbs.

Weight gain/loss: I’m around 6lbs above my booking weight now so back to my pre pregnancy weight!

Maternity clothes?  Everything feels tight and uncomfortable at the moment.  I’m feeling the most comfortable in leggings or dresses.

Stretch marks? No new ones yet, just the few faint ones left over from Harry.

Sleep: I’m still struggling to sleep because of my pelvic girdle pain.  I’m also getting up for a wee about three times a night!

Best moment this week: Going to Chester Zoo!  Harry loved seeing all of the animals and playing on all the amazing play areas.

Movement: I’m still feeling her move but it has slowed down over the last few days.  I’m not sure if she’s changed position and is hiding behind my anterior placenta but she’s definitely moving less violently!

Food cravings: Milk, fruit and salad!

Sickness: Touch wood I’m still doing well with the sickness and am hardly being sick at all as long as I take my tablets.  The nausea can still be bad at times but it’s nothing compared to how it has been.  I’ve been eating pretty normally and even managed an ice cream treat at the zoo!

Belly Button in or out? It’s flat.

Wedding rings on or off? Off. Just in time for my wedding anniversary! 🙁

Happy or Moody most of the time:  I’ve been feeling very motivated this week, getting lots of chores done around the house and feeling really ready for baby to come soon.  We got new furniture for our bedroom and now that baby’s room is almost finished I’m feeling a lot calmer and more organised.

Weekly Wisdom: Baby brain is a legitimate excuse for forgetting everything! Including where you’ve put your keys 3 times within the space of 10 minutes.

Milestones: No big milestones this week, It’s our 4 year wedding anniversary tomorrow so I guess that’s a milestone but there’s no baby related milestones I can think of.

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3 Replies to “34 Weeks Pregnant”

  1. Please contact your local MAU if your movements have slowed down especially over a couple of days even if you think it’s just that baby has changed position.

  2. Wow I wish I’d kept a journal like this to look back on now. As a new mum over 40 I had a lot of scaremongering which put me off sharing my baby news prior to birth. Reflecting on it now, I wish I’d done more like this.Such a fab post! Thank you for sharing your journey

    1. What a shame you felt like you couldn’t share your pregnancy. I’ve found it really therapeutic, especially in my worst weeks with HG to sit down and focus on the positives. Thank you for your kind comment x

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