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33 Weeks Pregnant: Nesting!

I seem to have caught the nesting bug this week.  The state of the house is driving me crazy and I’m finally feeling like I have the energy to do something about it.  I never really got the urge to clean and ‘nest’ with Harry but this time I really have!  It’s so difficult with a toddler in tow and as soon as I’ve tidied and cleaned one room it feels like another is trashed but for some crazy reason I’m enjoying getting things done at the moment so am trying to make the most of it.

What’s pregnancy like this week?

How far along? 33 weeks

How big is baby? Baby weighs approximately 4+lbs.  She is roughly the same size as a pineapple.

Weight gain/loss: I’m 4lbs above my booking weight now.

Maternity clothes?  My maternity jeans are starting to feel tight now!  I think I’ll be seeing out the next few weeks in dresses and leggings.

Stretch marks? Not yet but my skin feels so tight.  I was lucky with Harry and only got a few faint tiger stripes on the bottom of my bump and on my hips, I have a feeling that this time I wont be so lucky!

Sleep: Sleep has been difficult the past few weeks.  I’ve been having pelvic girdle pains and have been referred for physio.  Lying down sends shooting pains down my legs and there have been a few nights where I’ve gone downstairs to sleep on the sofa sat upright because it was the least painful position to be in.

Best moment this week: Making new friends!  I met a lovely lady in the park a few weeks ago and we met up for a play date at the park today.  She’s so lovely and it’s nice to meet someone with young children who lives only a few streets away from me.

“Get the camera out of my face Mummy!”

Movement: I’m still feeling lots of movement.  My belly keeps visibly moving and I see lumps and bumps appear.  It looks like there’s a snake moving around under my skin sometimes!

Food cravings: Milk and apples!  Ooh and Strawberry Yazoo milkshakes!

Sickness: It’s been a good week this week. I still need my medication three times a day though.

Belly Button in or out? It’s flat.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Up and down, I’ve had some low moments where it feels like I’m struggling to get excited about baby, when I have these moments it has helped to go in baby’s room, sort out her clothes or organise her things.  I’ve also started working on a little craft project for her bedroom which I’m finding really enjoyable and relaxing.  Here’s a sneak peak at it.  I’ve never really sewn so it’s very amateur but I quite like that as it shows it was made (somewhat clumsily) with love by her mummy.

The start of what will hopefully be a hot air balloon mobile.

Weekly Wisdom: Don’t be afraid to say hello to fellow parents when out and about, the chances are they are just as keen for adult conversation as you are and you may end up meeting someone really lovely!

Milestones: My last working day is this week! Heeelllooooo Summer Holidays then maternity leave!

Bump picture

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  1. I’m 32 weeks pregnant with a little girl too, and also obsessed with strawberry Yazoos!

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