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31 Weeks Pregnant – The countdown is now in single figures!

I’m 31 weeks pregnant and the countdown is now officially in single figures!  I had an appointment with my midwife today and baby is sounding strong and happy.  Her heartbeat came booming over the doppler the second it touched my belly and she wriggled throughout the whole appointment! (She always does this, I’m sure she’s showing off because she knows we’re talking about her!)  My bump is measuring right on the 50th centile line even though I feel enormous and I was praised for only having gained 3lbs since my booking appointment.  I was less than impressed for being praised for my weight, especially when the reason I’ve not gained is because I have HG and need between 3 and 6 tablets just to help me keep food down each day but at least I’ve gained some which feels like a huge achievement right now!

Decorating the nursery

The nursery is finally finished enough that I can relax a bit.  I always said I’d be happy if we had the room painted and a carpet down before baby comes and we do!  We still need curtains, a lampshade, shelves, bedding and finishing touches but all of those are little things that can be done whenever we get round to it.  She won’t be sleeping in there straight away anyway so it will just be nice to have the room as a usable space to store her things in for now.


Harry’s thoughts on becoming a big brother

Harry is definitely aware that something is changing.  He keeps patting my tummy and saying, “Little sister in there, sleeping, sshhh!”  He’s also been clingier with me and more affectionate.  He’s never been a clingy boy, always fiercely independent, racing off to play without looking back or needing reassurance.  Recently he’s kept running back to me, shouting “My Mummy!” and giving me a big cuddle before racing off again to whatever he was doing.  At nursery he has been playing with the dolls and pretending to pat them to sleep and feed them using the toy bottles.  As hard as I know he will find adjusting to not being an only child anymore I just know he will be a fantastic big brother.

How’s Pregnancy This Week?

How far along? 31 weeks

How big is baby? Baby weighs approximately 3 and a half lbs and is the same size as a coconut.

Weight gain/loss: I’m 3lbs above my booking weight now.

Maternity clothes?  I’m wearing maternity clothes a lot but also relying on cheap, stretchy clothes from Primark as a money saving way to see me through the next few months.

Stretch marks? Not yet!

Sleep: I’ve been really uncomfortable in the night recently and not sleeping too well.  Harry’s also been waking in the night which hasn’t helped.

Best moment this week: Hearing baby’s heartbeat again today.

Movement: She’s so wriggly and feels really low down, she keeps kicking me in the lady bits which is really uncomfortable.

Food cravings: Snickers bars!

Sickness: I’ve had a good week again this week apart from one day where I was sick and dizzy.

Belly Button in or out? It’s flat

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!  I’m feeling really positive at the moment.

Weekly Wisdom: Baby brain has fried my brain, I don’t think I ever really recovered after having Harry!  I’m not feeling very wise at the moment.

Milestones: The countdown is finally in single figures!

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