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26 weeks pregnant: Random pregnancy quirks

This week I thought I’d write a bit about the random quirky parts of pregnancy that I haven’t talked about yet.  I’m now 26 weeks pregnant and feeling way more pregnant than that!  With Harry at this stage I felt amazing, completely healthy and the only real way I knew I was pregnant was because of my ever expanding belly!

Random pregnancy quirks

Needing to pee frequently

This one isn’t so odd for pregnancy but it’s worth a mention!  When baby moves I go from being absolutely fine and not needing the toilet to feeling like I’m about to wee myself any second!  I never had this with Harry as I never felt him move much but my goodness it’s frustrating, especially if I’m not near the bathroom!

Brittle nails and dry skin

When I was pregnant with Harry my nails got stronger and grew longer than they had before, I had that smug pregnancy glow and really took it for granted.  Not this time.  This time around I’m the opposite, my skin is dry and my nails split and break really easily.  They say girls steal your beauty when you’re pregnant with them, my pregnancies would certainly back up this theory!


I think this is more of a side effect of my HG.  I can’t remember the last time I didn’t feel sick and have a headache though, twice in the last week I’ve had to rely on Alistair to look after Harry while I go and lie down in a dark room.

Heart palpitations

This is an odd one, I’ve been monitored in hospital for it and had tests which show it’s probably just a random quirk of pregnancy.  Every now and then my heart will start to race and I feel breathless.  It passes quickly but was quite scary when it first started happening.


Again, this is really common in pregnancy but it’s the first time I’ve ever had it in my life!

The need for my personal space

I’m usually a really tactile person but during this pregnancy I’ve hated being touched.  It’s odd and it makes me look really rude when people try to give me hugs or touch my belly but all I want is my personal space right now!

Weekly quiz

How far along? 26 weeks

How big is baby? Baby is the same size as a lettuce.

Weight gain/loss: I’m back to my booking weight!!! Yey!  Still about half a stone down from my pre pregnancy weight but I’m so  happy to have gained this week.

Maternity clothes?  I’m still too small for most of my maternity tops but I’ve been wearing my my maternity dresses.  I need some new trousers as my maternity things from last time are too big now.

Stretch marks? Still no sign of them… yet.

Sleep: Harry has decided to start waking up at 5.30 every morning recently so along with needing to get up to go to the toilet every night I’ve not been getting the best sleep.

Best moment this week: Managing to capture baby girl wriggling on camera for the first time!

Movement: Sooo much movement!! I’m feeling her constantly and seeing my belly moving which feels so special, I’m so lucky as with an anterior placenta I thought I’d struggle to feel her move like I did with Harry.

Food cravings: Pick n mix sweets and black pepper crackers with cream cheese on them!  Tomato soup has also been a safe food this week.

Sickness: Still being sick.  Still on medication.  Alistair had to come home from work earlier this week to look after Harry as I was having a really bad day.  I have an appointment at the doctors to review my medication and see how I’m doing on Thursday so should know more then, I have had some good days though which are worth mentioning!

Belly Button in or out? In, it looks huge at the moment.

Wedding rings on or off? On.  No swelling at all to my hands or feet yet.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Teary mainly.  I’ve been really emotional and crying a lot.  Adverts on the telly, someone being nice to me, Harry telling me he loves me.. all have me in hysterical tears at the moment!

Weekly Wisdom: Choose love ♥

Milestones: This is the last pregnancy update I will write as the mother to a 1yr old boy!  Harry turns 2 this week, he’s getting so grown up and can’t wait to meet his little sister!

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