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25 weeks pregnant

I’m now 25 weeks pregnant!  I’ve spent the past 20 weeks (ish) being sick but I’m determined to continue to find the positives and make a record of each week of pregnancy.  I keep looking for bump pictures from when I was pregnant with Harry but I don’t have many and they aren’t organised so I have no idea how far along I am in each.  This is the last time I think I’ll be pregnant so I want to cherish it, even if I can’t wait for the next 15 weeks to be over and my little girl to be safely here.  I’m determined to come out the other side of HG stronger than ever and I’m starting to think that if I can handle this then there really isn’t anything I can’t get through.

Weekly quiz

How far along? 25 weeks

How big is baby? Baby is the same size as an cauliflower.

Weight gain/loss: I’m not sure this week but I’m hoping I’ve at least maintained rather than losing more.

Maternity clothes?  I’m struggling with my maternity clothes a bit as my belly is big but the rest of me has shrunk so the maternity clothes that fit me last time are too big this time.  I may have to invest in some new maternity jeans and leggings at some point but I hate having to spend money on something that will only last me a few months.

Stretch marks? No but my bump has felt so stretched this week that I’m sure stretch marks will feature in the not too distant future.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping pretty well this week.

Best moment this week: Seeing my mummy friends at Harry’s friend’s 2nd birthday party.

Movement: She is so wriggly!! I was gutted when I found out I had another anterior placenta but it doesn’t seem to be stopping me feel this baby move like it did with Harry.  She never stops lol.

Food cravings: Salt and vinegar pringles are no longer my safe food.  I’ve been quite enjoying the odd Snickers bar this week but no real cravings.

Sickness: Still being sick.  Still on medication.  Still fed up.

Belly Button in or out? In, it looks wider though and a lot flatter.

Wedding rings on or off? On.  No swelling at all to my hands or feet yet.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’ve been really trying to be positive.  I’ve been pushing myself to get out more and even ate out on Friday evening which felt like a huge achievement.

Weekly Wisdom: No wisdom this week.  Baby brain has taken away all my wisdom… and my memory!

Milestones: Eating in public and actually enjoying being out.  The food stayed down until we got home too which I was really happy about.

Bump picture

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  1. Ah sounds like you have a really good week, the sickness is rubbish I was the same with twins I was just a mess from start to finish, sickness, syatica, issues with my back I was a very grumpy sore lady. Hope things keep settling and you can start to bloom x

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