18 Months Old – Talking, tantrums and teething

A little update all about our little foodie as he turns 18 months old. Talking, teething and tantrums… lots of tantrums! There’s a few little videos of him too!

cheeky monkey

It’s crazy to think that that our little monkey is now 18 months old.  The time seems to be flying by and our baby has quickly become a strong willed, adventurous toddler with a cheeky personality, a fierce sense of independence and the ability to throw one hell of a tantrum!


I thought I’d write a quick post about our little foodie, his likes/dislikes and his new found skills.  He is learning so quickly now and I find it hard to remember when he reached different milestones so I wanted to do a post that I can look back on in the future and remember our little boy as he is right now.

Look who’s talking

Harry has so much to say for himself these days and is becoming quite a bossy little boy.  He is starting to string two words together to tell us what he wants.  He says things like, “sit there” and “All gone” to tell us what he wants.

He also likes words like ‘yes’, ‘no’, more’, ‘again’, ‘it’s there’.  He has realised that using words to communicate tends to get him what he wants faster and has really shown an interest in building his vocabulary for this reason.

It will come as no surprise to hear that Harry knows lots of food words.  If I don’t put his spoon or fork on the table fast enough with his dinner he shouts for them to tell me.  He can ask for most of his favourite fruits and water, which was cute at first but is now challenging when he is asking for bananas again and again, then having a complete meltdown if I say no.

Harry loves animals and knows lots of animal sounds.  His gorilla impression is one of my firm favourites!  He can name lots of his family members, toys and body parts.

He also seems to understand his daily routine well.  He wakes up in the morning and shouts “breakfast” straight away.  At around 6pm he starts shouting “bath”.

There was a time when I was a little worried about Harry’s speech, he was always more concerned with his physical development than communication but over the last few months he has become a right little chatterbox!

The terrible twos

This is the biggest lie I was told when I became a mother.  The terrible twos is a myth.  You don’t get that long before the tantrums start.  As soon as Harry learned the word ‘no’, he also learned how to throw one hell of a strop.  Over the past two weeks the tantrums have started getting worse and more frequent.  They can be about literally anything and it’s so hard to see Harry so upset and angry.   So far I’ve been dealing with it by letting him scream for a short amount of time (only about 30 seconds or so) and then distracting him with something he enjoys.  If anyone has any tips on how to handle toddler tantrums please let me know!

This video is a brief glimps at just some of the tantrums our little monkey had in just one day.



Harry now has 9 teeth.  He recently cut two molars and really suffered!  To help with teething pain we swear by Ambesol liquid on his gums, lots of cuddles and lots of soothing, cold foods.  Harry really likes these frozen yoghurt drops when he has teething pain.


Future mountain climber

I continue to be amazed by how fearless our little man is.  He loves climbing and I can’t turn my back for a second without finding him trying to throw himself off the furniture or climb up the Christmas tree.  He can now climb up his Tripp Trapp high chair and sit in it himself.  I’m so surprised we haven’t ended up in A&E yet with a cracked skull or broken leg!  He can get up and down the stairs on his own so we have to be so careful with making sure we close the stair gates.  He can also climb out of the bath on his own.  I think we are going to have to get him a proper bed soon as I don’t think it will be too long before he can climb out of his cot.

bath time friendly first foods

Baby wearing

Harry still likes being carried in the Tula and we are still very comfortably using the baby sized buckle carrier.  I often carry him on my back these days as he is heavier but using the Tula is still a really convenient way to take Harry out and about.  He is going through a phase where he doesn’t like going in his pushchair and arches his back and screams when I try to put him in.  He likes to walk everywhere so with the Tula I can let him walk whilst holding his hand, then carry him when he gets tired or over excited.

rainy family outing fff


Harry’s favourite things

Harry loves colouring at the moment.  He spends ages looking at the crayons, making marks on the paper and then marvelling at his creations.  He also likes throwing all of the crayons on the floor!


For as long as I can remember Harry has loved books.  He often brings one over to me and sits on my knee so I can read it to him.  He has a book of colours that he particularly enjoys.  He loves finding and naming all of the objects in the pictures.  He also really likes ‘The Gruffalo’ and a noisy ‘The wheels on the bus’ book that his Grandma got him.

reading with Daddy


I think Harry’s favourite toy at the moment is his toy aeroplane.  It makes noises and moves across the floor, tilting halfway as if it is taking off.  Harry loves it and chases it with his arms out to the sides, pretending to be an aeroplane.  He shouts, “Ready, go!” when I let it go then laughs hysterically as he chases it.


Little Foodie

Harry still loves his food, he eats very well and I’m lucky that he isn’t too fussy.  He loves fruit and asks for it a lot throughout the day.

Harry can now eat on his own with a spoon or a fork.  He asks for them if I don’t put them out (even if he is eating sandwiches for lunch) and can use them quite successfully.  He usually reverts to using his hands though if he is really enjoying a meal and wants to get it in his mouth as quickly as possible!

20161210_111928 20161210_112617

So that’s a little update on our little dude.  18 months has flown by so fast.  I can’t wait to see what the next 18 months bring!

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