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16 week pregnancy update: Celebrating my last Mother’s day as a mummy to one

This week has been lovely, towards the end of the week I have started to feel a bit more like my old self and am feeling positive that my health is heading in the right direction, thanks to lots of rest and medication.

It was Mother’s day yesterday.  My last as a mother of one.  We had such a special day playing in the garden and enjoying the sunshine together.  Days like that are what family life, for me, is all about.

Harry went on his first visit to Toddlers at nursery last week, he’s growing up so quickly and I’m getting so many proud mummy moments, it’s nice to see him still thriving even while I feel like I’m not giving him enough right now as a mum.  He only goes to nursery one day a week and they have seen how confident and bright he is.  It’s so nice to know that I’m not just biased (although I totally am) and that our little boy is wowing other people with his achievements too.  I also love that the nursery move children up to the next room in their own time, when they are ready, rather than when they are a certain age.  Harry is moving up a little early and is taking it all in his stride, especially for a little boy who only goes one day a week.  When he goes he goes straight in and starts banging on the doors shouting “go, go, go!” He can’t wait to get in and see his friends (and have his breakfast) and needs reminding to come back and give me a goodbye kiss before he runs off, forgets about me and enjoys his day.  I love his nursery and the care he receives there, they staff are so thoughtful and even made this beautiful picture for me this week as an extra Mother’s day treat!  Harry will be the best big brother, I just know it.

Weekly quiz

How far along? 16 weeks

How big is baby? Baby is the same size as an avocado!  Why not celebrate with us and try our super easy to make avocado and tomato pasta sauce!?

Avocado and tomato pasta sauce

Total weight gain/loss: I’m not sure, I feel like I’ve gained this week.  My belly is noticeably bigger and I’ve been managing to eat more this week.

Maternity clothes? Yep! I’ve started wearing a few bits, a top, a dress and my super comfy maternity leggings!  I’m hoping not to have to buy too much this time around as I have lots of summery clothes from last time.

Stretch marks? Not yet.

Sleep: I’m struggling to sleep at the moment.  I’m uncomfortable and keep getting stretchy pains in my bump.  I was also awake last night feeling nauseous and pacing the bathroom thinking I was going to be sick which is new as usually when I’m asleep it doesn’t affect me.

Best moment this week: Mother’s day yesterday.  Harry had made me lovely cards, paintings and gifts for me at nursery and Alistair had helped him to get me some beautiful daffodils and to make a very creative work of art!

Movement: I don’t know if it’s just me getting excited but I’m sure I felt a bit of a flutter last night.  It’s early days yet but I’m sure it was the baby.

Food cravings: I’ve really wanted rolos this week!  I’ve no idea why but I’ve really craved them.  I’ve been able to eat much more variety over the past few days too which is nice and I’m trying to get some healthy food down me whilst I’m managing it, fingers crossed this will last but at least if it doesn’t I’ve got some healthy food to the baby.  Alistair has also been on my case a lot about taking pregnancy vitamins because of my poor/non existent eating habits recently so hopefully they are giving baby what it needs.

Sickness: Touch wood,  I feel like I should whisper this incase the universe hears it and decides to play cruel tricks on me and make me bad again but the past two days have been so much better.  I’ve still had bad nauseous moments but the sickness has stayed away.  I’ve been resting a lot so maybe that’s helped, or maybe I am just over the worst of it. Fingers crossed it’s the latter and I can start to enjoy my pregnancy.  I’m still on medication to keep me feeling this way but, medication or not, I’m really grateful for these good days… here’s hoping they’re here to stay!  I’m so desperate to get back to normal again.

Have you started to show yet: Yes! Definitely!

Gender prediction: I think it’s a boy, and keep talking to my bump using our boy’s name that we’ve chosen. Alistair thinks it’s a girl and keeps calling bump our girl’s name! What do you think?  Did you have completely different pregnancies and two babies of the same gender?  It’s so frustrating to know that we could go for a scan now and find out the gender but I’m determined to spread the joy out and wait until 20 weeks!

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On and still fits perfectly.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Much happier over the past few days.  The combination of feeling a bit better and some sunshine has really affected my mood in a positive way!

Weekly Wisdom: Don’t worry about tomorrow, you can’t control it.  Take the good and bad days as they come and make the most of every moment.

Milestones: My last Mother’s day as a mummy to one, gorgeous boy!

Bump Picture

It’s small but there’s definitely a bump there 🙂

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