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  • Tonight's dinner was minted lamb 'kebab' served with flatbread, couscous, minted yoghurt, corn on the cob and salad. So tasty! The perfect way to end the weekend! 
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  • It really feels like Spring today so we've been playing out in the garden and making krispy cakes.💚 what's everyone else been up to? X

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  • Good afternoon everyone! We've had a busy day so far. The kids stayed at my mum and dad's house last night so we couldve had a lie in.. but our body clocks plotted against us and we were wide awake at 6.30am 🙄 I used this time to continue the search for my passport which has mysteriously gone missing. I still haven't found it and have now realised that my driving licence and birth certificate are lost too. I'll be honest I'm panicking a bit and aside from looking in the loft I really don't know where they could be 😔 After giving up the search I went to pick the kids up from my parent's house and we ended up going to the garden centre for a mooch and a coffee. The pictures here may look like we had a lovely time but it was sooo stressful! It started well until Megan decided to run around and scream the place down then Harry ran off in the cafe. Both children ended up being carried out screaming. When we got home Megan had a nap and Harry went to the shops with Alistair while I continued the passport search. When they got back we played in the garden, did some gardening and we're now chilling in front of the telly. It feels like it should be really late but it's only quarter to 4! I'm so ready for bedtime and a glass of wine later!!!
I hope you're having a good day whatever you're doing.  If not, I hope this has made you feel less alone in the chaos! 
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  • Hope you all have a roarsome Friday!! Both kids are staying at my parent's house tonight so I may actually get a decent nights sleep!! And Megan slept til 5.30 today!! If that's not worth celebrating with a dinosaur sandwich and some crisps I don't know what is 😁

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